Dining & Tasting

Culinary experiences are an important part of one’s overall travel experience. At Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments we will introduce you to the best the area has to offer in this respect too!

From accompanied visits to the weekly Farmer’s market to thematic roof garden dinners, you will discover that at Daphne’s Club we are serious about the quality of food.


Breakfast at Daphne’s Club, though optional, is one of the highlights of staying here. Forget those usual 7 to 9 am breakfast times which always depress you because they mean that you have to choose between your much-needed sleep and your much-needed morning coffee…

Dining & Tasting

Forget those identical slices of yellowish cake that have no taste at all, that odorless coffee and those synthetic scrambled eggs…

Dining & TastingDining & TastingDining & Tasting

At Daphne’s Club we take special pride in our breakfast!

Dining & TastingDining & TastingDining & TastingDining & Tasting

That is why our breakfast room is so nicely decorated, why you can have breakfast whatever time you wake up, why we only serve fresh homemade bread, that is why we have chosen to serve only Greek recipes (and have received the “Greek Breakfast” certification for this) and that is why as many of our breakfast products as possible are local and organic! Here is an indicative list of them:

dining greek breakfast

Price 12,00 euro (children 5-11 years-old 6,00 euro) or daily ΒΒ supplement 10,00 euro (children 5-11 years-old 5,00 euro)

Cafeteria and Bar

There is a cafeteria and bar in our living room and garden. Our specialty is homemade lemonade and fresh smoothies! We also offer wine from selected wine makers in the wider area.

Food delivery & packed lunches

Although all of our apatments feature fully-equipped kitchens,we understand that you might not really want to cook during your holidays. So, at the reception we provide you with the delivery menus of local restaurants.

Farmer’s market

Farmers’ markets are among the highlights of everyday life in Greece, especially in the countryside. They are not just a venue for shopping fresh fruits and vegetables, but also a place to socialise. We enjoy farmers’ markets tremendously and this is why we offer to accompany you there for your shopping or just to see it.

Happy Guest Network

happy guest network

Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments cooperates with local restaurants in the “Happy Guest” project, a network of businesses providing you, our guests, with special discounts!



Greek cooking lessons

Last but not least, we can organise a Greek cooking lesson for you especially or you can participate in one of our workshops!

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