Daphne’s Club Loyalty Program

At Daphne’s Club we have designed a loyalty program which does not reward former guests according to the frequency or length or their stay, but according to the pleasure they took in staying with us and according to the pleasure that we took in hosting them! And it does not just reward them, but their friends too!

loyalty program

Loyalty program Great GuestGreat Guest

The 1st tier of our loyalty program, “Great Guest“, offers discounts to all our past guests who want to come again, regardless of the length of their original stay. That’s because we consider that those guests who want to come again, really appreciated our way of doing things. And that kind of recognition of our efforts makes us very happy!

Loyalty program Friend of Great GuestFriends of Great Guests

The 2nd tier of our loyalty program, “Friends of Great Guests“, offers discounts to the friends who are referred to us by our “Great Guests”. That’s because the friends of our guests who loved our hotel enough to recommend it, will surely become our good friends too. And we just love enlarging our circle of like-minded friends!

Loyalty program best guestBest Guest

The 3rd tier of our loyalty program, “Best Guest“, is a “status” conferred to guests who we feel are perfectly suited to our hotel. Our “Best Guest” loyalty program does not offer these special guests discounts, but experiences which will make their stay in Greece extraordinary.


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