You all know our Greek beaches, but how many of you are also familiar with our Greek underwater? At Daphne’s Club we propose that you take a deep look behind the scenes, or rather under them, exploring and discovering what lies beneath the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Corinth.


Teaming up with the Corinthian Tech Diving Team we offer you the possibility to learn scuba diving right here on our beach or, if you are already a certified diver, to dive from a boat near beautiful isolated spots along the coast of the Gulf of Corinth or the Saronic Gulf.


You can choose between a Full Diving package (accommodation, breakfast and diving lessons), or just a couple of lessons during your stay, or a Day Trip, or or… endless possibilities!


Some of your choices are:

  • Beginner scuba diving lessons for children from age 8 in the sea or in a swimming pool
  • Beginner scuba diving lessons for adults in the sea
  • Day trips for experienced PADI certified divers along the coast of the Gulf of Corinth
  • Multi-day PADI certification courses for children and adults
  • Scooter-scuba diving
  • Diving with Seahorses
  • Cave diving
  • Snorkeling

Languages: Greek, English, French and Italian
Season: April – November

You can also join the group excursion just to enjoy the boat ride!

Diving locations


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