Terms & Conditions

1. Check-in and Check-out of your apartment

  • Check-in: 3 pm. The day of arrival is paid in full, regardless of arrival time.
  • Check-out: 11 am. If guests decide to stay past this time and until 6 pm. they will be charged 50% of the apartment’s rent. If they stay past 6 pm. guests must pay an entire day’s rent.

2. Prices

  • Prices stated in this website are in euros and include all taxes, except for the Climate Resiliance tax.
  • Apartment prices are per apartment.
  • Apartment prices do not include breakfast, unless otherwise stated in the specific rate’s description.

3. Booking procedure

If you wish to make a booking at Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments, you can book online or offline. In the latter case please make an enquiry regarding availability during your chosen dates by sending us an e-mail or calling us. If the apartment you wish to book is available we will inform you of the applicable rates and send you a booking form to fill in with your contact details and all the necessary information regarding your stay at Daphne’s Club (Arrival, Departure, Number of Persons etc).

For your reservation to be confirmed a deposit will need to be made by bank transfer, by credit card or via paypal (for this option please send us a request by email). The deposit will be equal to 30% of the total cost of your stay at Daphne’s Club, but not less than the equivalent of one day’s rent. Upon reception of the deposit you will receive a written confirmation of your booking by e-mail.



IBAN: GR7502600550000690200083737




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Please note that if you have chosen a specific apartment during your booking, which Daphne’s Club has confirmed, we will make every effort to ensure that this is the apartment that will be allocated to you upon arrival. However, changes may occur due to events beyond our immediate control (e.g. damages in the said apartment). In this case an equivalent or superior apartment will be allocated to you.




You can also book online, using our online booking system.

Please note that your reservation is not considered final until reception of the deposit.

If you make your reservation offline (by phone or e-mail), you will be required to fill in the Booking Form


4. Payment

The balance of your booking will be paid at the hotel, at the end of your stay. If your stay is longer than one week, the hotel reserves the right to require the payment of a weekly balance at the end of each week.

Payment methods accepted: Credit card, Bank transfer, Paypal

5. Cancellation and no-show policy

No fee is charged for cancellation up to 21 days before the confirmed arrival date. In case of cancellation less than 20 days before the arrival date, the aforementioned deposit will be withheld. In case of cancellation of part of the agreed number of days after a guest’s arrival he/she is required to pay the rent equivalent to 50% of the cancelled number of days. In case of no-show guests are required to pay the rent of 50% of the originally agreed number of days.

6. General description of apartments

  • Master bed mattresses and two kinds of pillows for all master beds (down and natural caoutchouc) from the award-winning Greek company Coco-mat
  • bed linen, duvets and blankets for the winter, summer blankets for the summer, two kinds of pillows for all master beds (down and natural caoutchouc, from the award-winning Greek company Coco-mat)
  • face and body bathroom towels
  • iron and ironing board
  • clothes’ hangers
  • bowl for hand washing
  • drying loft
  • broom, dust pan, mop, bucket
  • air-conditioning (cooling/heating)
  • ceiling fan
  • mosquito nets on balcony doors
  • phone

7. Your bathroom is equipped with:

  • eco toilet paper
  • shampoo/shower gel (made from olive oil, from the small Greek company Harisma Soap)
  • soap
  • electric heater for the winter
  • hair dryer

8. Your kitchen is equipped with:

  • fridge
  • electric plates
  • electric oven
  • water boiler
  • kitchenware (pots and pans)
  • spaghetti strainer
  • cutlery and serving utensils
  • wine and beer opener
  • orange/lemon squeezer
  • crockery (dishes, bowls, glasses, cups)
  • eco detergent (by the Greek company egreeno), sponge and wettex
  • small basket with tea, instant coffee bags, individual white sugar sachets and individual milk portions

9. Cleaning

  • apartment cleaning: daily
  • changing of towels: daily
  • changing of linen: 3 times per week
  • emptying of trash: daily

10. Services incurring extra charges

  • Breakfast is not included in the price of the apartment, unless otherwise stated. Breakfast can be served in the living room area, on the roof garden or in the apartments. We make every possible effort to ensure that most of the products used for the preparation of breakfast are local, certified organic and, where possible, fair trade. Read more about our breakfast here.
  • Our kitchen according to the following timetable.
  • laundry service is available in-house, at a cost of 5,00 € per 5 kilos.
  • Transfer to and from the hotel can be arranged by the reception, at the cost specified by the provider. The hotel bears no responsibility for this service, but acts only as facilitator

11. Information on your rights and obligations as hotel guests in Greece

Hotel guests in Greece are covered by a number of laws and decisions. If you feel you need to find out more, please contact the Greek National Tourism Organisation or the Greek consular services in your country of origin.

12. Data protection and privacy policy 

Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments has adopted EU and US standards and policies in connection with its handling of the personal information of its customers and guests.

As a general principle, no information gathered on customers and guests is to be used other than for the express purpose for which it was gather and under no circumstances are third parties to be granted access to the personal details of customers and guests.

Please note that Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments reserves the right to change the above Terms and Conditions. All changes will be posted on this page.

To read more please click here.

13. No-smoking policy

Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces in our hotel, including the apartments.

14. Pet policy

Daphne’s Club welcomes pet owners and their little friends with pleasure! Some rules, however, apply. Please read them here carefully before booking.

15. Wheelchair access

Most of our hotel apartments are wheelchair accessible. However, please note that we have not unfortunately yet fully-accessible apartments, but we are planning the necessary transformations.

16. Tap water

Tap water is not drinkable during the summer months. You can fill up your water bottles for free in one of the water sources here.

17. Parking

Please note that our hotel does not offer private parking. Click here to see a map of parking possibilities.

18. Cats!

Please note that our neighbourhood hosts a number of kittens and cats, which occasionally spend time in our premises!

19. Transfer

We offer free transport from the train station of Xylokastro.