Hospitality Manifesto

My little utopia

I am Daphne and Daphne’s Club is the little utopia I dreamed of since adolescence: a small and cosy hotel to call home and at the same time an open, welcoming space for travellers.

I believe in authentic hospitality, in hosting guests whom I can welcome to my home as friends and who see me, their hostess, as a friend, too.

I see traveling as being at the core of our humanity, an expression of our need for friendship, for aesthetic beauty and art, for play and for fun. It is the forging of a connection with a place and its people, adjusting one’s habitual viewpoint to take into account a wider worldview, enlarging one’s understanding of humanity both from the position of local and from the position of traveler. Ultimately, traveling is an acknowledgment that traveler and host were willing to experience something deeper together, to share an authentic human moment, beyond borders and nationalities.

I love to host travellers who feel this too, who appreciate my special way of being and of doing things and who want to come back time and time again to their own home from home.

Especially with regard to our cuisine, which I consider a fundamental part of the traveling experience, I make every possible effort to source all the products we offer with conscientious local producers who produce them with loving care, using organic raw materials and non-invasive cultivation methods.

Open-village network

At Daphne’s Club we propose a different tourism concept: the “open-village network“. The “open-village network” reflects our aspiration to create an open-but-integrated space, where locals and travellers interact and enjoy each other’s company and experiences as freely and as authentically as possible. Through local cooperations with restaurateurs, activity providers, farmers and local producers we strive to connect our guests integrally to the place where they spend their holidays and the people who live and work here.

Sustainability and fair trade

Environmental sustainability, reducing of ecological footprint and the preference for high quality local products are at the core of our vision.

In 2018 Daphne’s Club has removed meat products from our cuisine, considering that today’s intensive livestock agriculture is not compatible with an ethical cuisine.

Although most of the items on our menu are vegetarian, we do also offer carefully selected dairy products, honey and eggs. Vegan options are clearly marked as such and made of, organic and fair trade products.

Our Team!

general manager

Daphne is the owner, General Manager and most importantly the soul of our cosy little hotel.  She has studied Translation and European Politics, speaks 7 languages ​​and has lived in 7 different countries. Her quest to always learn and evolve; her commitment to awareness raising on sustainable  tourism; her promotion of grassroots collaborations between local businesses; her participation in local associations; and her online travel content, have become reference points for alternative, sustainable and responsible tourism in Corinth. She loves morning swims in the sea, winter skiing, Mediterranean sailing, world traveling and reading.  Read more on LinkedIn

head of maintenance


Dimitris, our Head of Maintenance, is our hotel’s pillar! He has been around ever since the hotel’s construction, taking care of the building’s maintenance and our garden’s wellbeing. Read all about Dimitris’ interesting life in this article by Henry Ludgrove.

head housekeeper



Dina, our Housekeeping Manager, is our hotel’s fairy! She is the one who makes Daphne’s Club shine and sparkle!



f&b manager Lilya



Lilya is our F&B Specialist. She is responsible for all the magical cooking that takes place in our restaurant!



housekeeper katerina



Katerina is our Housekeeping Fairy! Together with Dina she is responsible for the neatness and cleanliness of our hotel’s premises. Katerina is also a choir singer and enchants us with her signing during our coffee breaks!


savvoula lunch


Savvoula is our F&B Fairy! She single-handedly makes everything work, on-stage and back-stage too!

Our History

Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments opened in 1996 as a family owned small hotel apartment complex, created by George and Chloe Mavrommati.

In 2006, after 10 years in the accommodation sector, Daphne took over the business and decided to venture deeper into the core of hospitality and wider too, opening up the hotel’s horizons to other related services, such as the hosting of business meetings and private and corporate events and the organisation of individualised cultural excursions and thematic workshops.

At the same time, Daphne committed the hotel to an environmental policy, aiming to alleviate the negative effects of human activity in its small corner of the planet.

staff team

Our Certifications


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Our Cooperations

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