There are museums which are worth visiting for their own sake and therefore become destinations in their own right. Ferret them out!

Created by the Cultural Foundation of the Piraeus Bank Group, the Environmental Museum of Stymphalia opened its doors to the public in 2010. Located in a valley between the Corinthian mountains, it is just 45 minutes from Daphne’s Club, a drive well-worth doing, as it passes through the area’s vineyards, which from part of the Nemea Wine Road.

Stymfalia Museum Stymfalia Museum

The museum itself is situated on a promotory overlooking the lake so that you can gaze at the lake while learning about it. The educational part comprises maquettes and videos, as well as traditional tools used in the area. There is information about the area’s geology, flora and fauna and about the human activities on and around the lake.

Stymfalia Museum Stymfalia Museum

For more information, the Museum has a website with opening times, ticket fees and general information.

The Acropolis Museum of Athens (120 km)

The Acropolis Museum, built by Bernard Tschumi, opened in 2007 to house the excavation findings from the Acropolis rock and the Parthenon marbles. It replaced an older museum on the Acropolis itself. The new version is a wonderful ultra-modern construction of concrete, steel and glass, spacious and filled with light. It is inviting to the visitor and leaves one with a sense of pleasure, not just visual pleasure but a deeper sense of contentment!

Stymfalia Museum

The museum’s official website has information about opening times and tickets, as well as information about its history and its exhibits.


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