Photo Safari

Photographers of the world equip yourselves with a camera and an adventurous spirit and come discover the mountains and shores of the northern Peloponnese!

daphnes-hotel-activities-photo-safari-5Photo safariPhoto safari

Like the Greek gods, our new activity, photo safaris, was born on the mountains, the mountains of the prefecture of Corinthia (to which our village, Sykia, belongs). It was inspired by our friend photographer David Ball, who was visiting us in early May, when our mountain zeal is at its peak. Off we all went together to get lost in obscure dirt roads, not really knowing what we might find! And what a beautiful collection of photos we came back with!

Photo safariPhoto safariPhoto safari

Following this inspiring trip (and many others of course), David suggested sharing this experience with other photography lovers. As a professional, he found innumerable beautiful themes on our mountains. With our love and knowledge of the area, he thought photo safaris would be greatly appreciated by amateur photographers also. So, here is our suggestion to all you photo lovers out there: take your cameras and come visit us! Especially in spring (although some of the wonderful pictures below have been taken in autumn). We have mapped out some really nice itineraries for you to follow, with ample perfect photo material: seas, hills, mountains, rocks, flowers, gorges, monasteries, ancient rocks, vineyards….  Better still, take your compass and set off alone on a voyage of discovery and self-discovery on the Greek mountains!

Photo safariPhoto safariPhoto safari

You can book anytime you like, but we especially recommend the period from late April, to early June, when the flowers are in full bloom, their colours dizzying and their scents enchanting. We can suggest itineraries encompassing mountains views, sea views, archaeological sights, medieval fortresses, neoclassic towns, Byzantine churches and much much more!

Come equipped with your camera and an adventurous spirit!

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