Baby Weekends: Retreats for families with babies and small children

baby retreat

Baby Weekends: Retreats for families with babies and small children

Our Baby Weekends are a series of thematic weekend escapes which aim to offer you the opportunity to spend quality time with your small children, to share your worries with other parents and to explore the magical world of parenthood in many different ways.

Program (scroll down to see the details of each event)



Baby Weekend: Happy Food for Happy Families

A nutritional workshop for parents and their little ones

27 May 2017

baby weekend at Daphne's Club
Our nutritional workshop aims to help parents and children enjoy, learn and collaborate in the kitchen and at the dining table. Together we’ll create sweet and savory treats with pure and nourishing ingredients, to inspire families to consume fewer processed and packaged foods. Happy food for happy people!

Throughout the event, we’ll discuss and apply alternatives to sweets and meals that will provide us with more energy instead of depriving us of it. We’ll learn why sugar should be avoided, and what other options there are as sweeteners. Plus, we’ll explore the use of vegetable-based protein sources and how to best include them in our family’s diet. In addition, many parents will be surprised with the amount of gluten-free options available for preparing delicious meals for their young ones.
Fresh, pure, local and superfood ingredients are the greatest components of our recipes! Let’s learn why they’re best for our family’s health!

Little ones along with their parents will see how the nutritional quality of the raw materials they use and their hands-on preparation of meals actually becomes “primary food” for their healthy development and personal growth.

Parent and child have fun being creative with food, while parents also discover healthy alternatives that make the whole family happy to consume them.

Managing children’s eating behavior is not easy, and often might trigger frustration. That’s why our workshop also intends to deal with questions such as:

How do I teach my child to “love” and appreciate”food?, How do we enjoy meals as a family?, How do we invite our kids to taste something new?, Can we ensure our child eats well without pressure or feelings of guilt?

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Maria Michalakopoulou
Maria’s purpose is to inspire us to take small yet significant steps towards creating a healthier lifestyle, from a nutritional perspective and beyond. She was born and raised in New York, where she studied Finance and Marketing. Maria’s had a 17-year career in large financial institutions in the USA and Greece, and has worked in the field of complementary medicine since 2004. She’s a graduate of the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine, having completed her studies in acupuncture, herbs and therapeutic massage in Athens and China. She is also certified as a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and belongs to the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Maria’s approach is based on the concept of bio-individuality, which takes into account our unique biological make-up and special nutritional requirements in becoming as vital and as happy as we can be. She currently resides near the Corinthian seaside with her husband and their 4-year old twins.

When: Saturday 27 May 6-8pm

– Special accommodation offer at Daphne’s Club 26-28 May 2017:
Studio (up to 3 persons): Total 180 euro
2room apartment (up to 4 persons): Total 220 euro
2room suite (up to 4 persons): Total 240 euro
3room apartment (up to 5 persons): Total 260 euro
* The price of the package includes 2 nights accommodation with our certified “Greek Breakfast“, as well as participation in our workshop. Prices are per apartment, NOT per person. For more information please visit our Facebook event page, send us an email στο or call us +30 27430 22966. Please book through our online booking system.

– For those not staying at Daphne’s Club (drop-ins): 25,00 euro per family. Please use the following Reservation form to book.


family nutrition workshop at Daphne's Club










Baby Weekend (29 April – 1 May): 3 day retreat for families with babies and small children

baby retreat

Daphne’s Club will be hosting a refreshing family 3day retreat, which resembles no other! Share quality time with your babies and small children participating in common activities, in a beautiful natural setting with authentic hospitality from your hostess, Daphne, who is also a new mother!

What is included in the 3day package:

  • 2 nights in one of our fully equipped cosy apartments
  • Early check-in on Saturday 29 April and late check-out on Monday 1 May 2017
  • Our certified “Greek breakfast
  • Baby massage*: Learn how to offer your baby moments of blissful relaxation!
  • Parent & Baby Yoga*: Learn how to enjoy your yoga practice with your baby!
  • Family Photo Shooting: A professional photographer will be with us to create a set of beautiful photos of you and your family for posterity!

* These two activities are for babies 0-12 months old. Older children can enjoy our outdoor playground, our indoor creative corner, our children’s library, the adjacent pine forest and of course, the beach!

baby retreat

Accommodation options

  • Studio (up to 3 persons): Total 220,00 euro 
  • 2room apartment (up to 4 persons): Total 260,00 euro
  • 2room suite (up to 4 persons): Total 280,00 euro
  • 3room apartment (up to 5 persons): Total 300,00 euro

Note: The total cost of accommodation is the price per apartment, for 2 nights, and includes the aforementioned activities and daily breakfast.

 baby retreat

The program

Saturday 29 April
– We can’t wait to welcome you here for an early check-in, so that you have enough time to enjoy the whole day!
Free time* for a stroll in the forest, cycling, playing and more!
– In the afternoon: Time for Βaby massage**!

Sunday 30 April
– Sumptuous breakfast
– After breakfast: Parent & baby yoga**!
– Afternoon: Free time* for a stroll in the forest, cycling, playing and more!

Monday 01 May
– Sumptuous breakfast
Free time* for a stroll in the forest, cycling, playing and more!
Family Photo Shooting: Time to imprint those beautiful memories on pictures!
Late check-out: We say goodbye and hope to see you again soon!

* Free time: Experience the beauty and serenity of the green and blue landscape of our village, Sykia: on the one side the protected pine forest of Pefkias stretching the whole length of the coast to Xylokastro and on the other side, the Gulf of Corinth. An ideal backdrop for long walks and bicycles rides (Daphne’s Club we offer you free bicycles for use in the pine forest). The children will love it, for it provides a great setting for games, exploration and contact with nature: the can climb the trees, try an autumn swim, collect flowers, search for colourful pebbles… Add to that a picnic and you have a perfect family weekend!   

** Important note: These two activities are for babies 0-12 months old. 

baby retreat

“It is shared experiences such as these which bring us together and remind us of the priceless joy of real family time!” – Daphne’s Club

baby retreat

Amenities for babies and small children:

  • Baby equipment (baby cot, diaper changer, baby high chair, baby bath)
  • Protective rail for the bed
  • Steriliser for feeding bottles
  • Space for changing your baby in the lobby area
  • Children’s books in a number of languages
  • Toys
  • Beach toys
  • Books on the care of babies and young children
  • Protection for electricity sockets

 and we also actively promote breastfeeding by providing:

  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Emergency breast pump
  • Books and other material on breastfeeding

Extra activities

During the weekend, Charis Papanikolaou will be available to provide individual parenting sessions and adult massage, at extra cost: Holistic Massage, Ayouverdic Massage, Rejouvence( FACE LIFTING), Pregnancy reflexology, pregnancy massage, tibetan massage, sound massage with bowls, belly massage, drainage massage, Reiki and energy healing, reflexology energy flow, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Asiatic Massage, Indian Scalp Massage, Californian massage and Thai massage

Parent & Baby Yoga

Baby yoga is an inclusive set of practices to enhance playful interaction and communication between parent and baby and to promote their healthy development. Baby Yoga perfectly compliments baby massage and expands the benefits of touch with those of movement and relaxation.

baby retreat


Benefits for the parents…

  • All the selected asanas are designed to help parents, and especially breast-feeding mums, relax the pressure on their neck, their shoulders and their backs, as well as to strengthen the body’s weakest areas post-partum.
  • Helps parents rediscover the magical power of breath, especially in situations which require serenity.
  • Helps parents acquire self-confidence about their relationship with their baby, as they learn natural ways to calm and connect with him at a deeper level.
  • Strengthens the bond between parent and baby.
  • Parents can learn and use these techniques at home.
  • And of course, parents enjoy getting to know and making friends with other parents, while babies love being together with other babies!

Benefits for the babies…

  • Helps their natural and emotional development, as they become aware of their body.
  • Strengthens the baby’s trust in her parents.
  • Strengthens the bond between baby and parent.
  • Helps babies sleep more and better.
  • Relieves the pain caused by the passing of gas and helps babies digest better.
  • Attenuates stress and development stress through the relaxation techniques taught.

Baby Massage

Baby massage is a lovely way to soothe, calm and enjoy time with your baby. It can also help you bond with them.

baby retreat

Benefits of Baby Massage

  • Helps the creation of a code of non-verbal communication between the parent and the baby and thus strengthens the connection and bond between them. During the massage, the baby links his/her parents’ faces to the feeling of relaxation and calmness that he/she experiences and thus feels closer to them
  • Stimulates basic body systems (circulatory, immune, digestive, nervous, hormonal, lymphatic, respiratory, musculoskeletal), thus helping them operate and develop more smoothly.
  • The relaxation attained through massage results in better, deeper and longer sleep for baby.
  • Improves the baby’s ability to calm itself, as it learns to recognise its own tension and knows how to relax him/herself.
  • During the massage stress levels go down, with the production of oxytocin, a hormone with relaxing and painkilling effects.

 Professional family photos

Most of us forget to take photos… A professional photo session forces us to stop and capture a moment in our family life, which we would probably forget to do on our own. It’s the idea of stopping at least once a year to record where we are in our lives, to freeze time before it continues again along its relentless route to adulthood.

baby retreat

baby retreat

baby retreat

baby retreat


  • Baby massage & Baby Yoga:
    Charis Papanikolaou
    Our yoga and baby massage instructor, Charis, is a trained doula and masseuse (various techniques including reflexology, Asiatic, Ayurvedicm and Tibetan), Reiki master and yoga instructor. She is a therapist who uses many techniques to provide healing, inspired both by physical exercise traditions and meditation traditions. In also leads classes in yoga and baby massage for groups and for individuals. Last but not least she offers counseling to future and recent parents and well as préparation classes for prégnant women and young mothers.
  • Family photo shooting:
    Anastasia Siomou
    Our professional photographer, Anastasia, is a graduate of the Photography and Audiovisual Department of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, who finetuned her skills at the Academy of fine arts in Venice, Italy. She started her professional career in 2006 by producing still-life food photography, for magazines and websites. Today she works as a freelance photographer, focusing on interior design photography (Airbnb Photographer since 2011) and food photography (food pack-shot video assistant for the prime-time Greek television show “Dr. Cook” , basic food photographer for the “” and “Culinary Backstreets” website). Her portofolio, which you can browse through here, includes some very beautiful wedding and christening phototography. She has been working with Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments since Spring 2015, producing our hotel photographs and our guest portraits and family photographs for on-site parties and events.

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