We are all leading hectic lives, with no visible end to all this haste in sight. But we have holidays! Holidays, which can provide us with a valuable opportunity to alter our daily routine and change our vital rhythms. In order to set these precious changes in motion we suggest that you combine your holidays here at Daphne’s Club with yoga sessions on our roof garden, on the beach and in the adjacent pine forest.

Your can choose a full private yoga package (described below as “Full Personal Yoga package”); participate in one of the yoga retreats we occasionally host; or book one or two individual sessions to unwind while you are on your regular holidays. If you are a yoga teacher you can bring your own group for a yoga retreat (described below as “Full Group Yoga package”);

Full Group Yoga package for yoga teachers:

• Authentic hospitality in our cosy. eco-friendly & beautiful, female-run hotel, just steps from an unspoiled beach and seaside pine forest
• Outdoor shala with an amazing view of the sea and mountains
• Light and airy indoor space
• Free bicycles, WiFi, beach chairs & umbrellas, Nordic walking sticks and SUPs
• Apartments with fully-equipped kitchens and private veranda
• Easy and quick access from the airport of Athens
• Local gastronomy adapted to your needs (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc)
• Numerous possibilities for excursions and extra activities

Full Personal Yoga package for individuals:

– Accommodation in a fully-furnished and equipped apartment at Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments
– Greek breakfast with quality local products, customised to meet your dietary needs
– Aromatherapy massage sessions
– Private yoga sessions

Yoga retreatsYoga retreats

Yoga retreatsYoga retreatsYoga retreats

Past & Future yoga retreats:

  • Iyengar yoga retreat, with Magdalena Adamiak: 1 October – 8 October 2023
  • Iyengar yoga retreat, with Magdalena Adamiak: 25 September – 2 October 2022
  • Iyengar yoga retreat, with Magdalena Adamiak: 26 September – 3 October 2021
  • Iyengar yoga retreat, with Magdalena Adamiak: 27 September – 4 October 2020
  • Russian-language yoga retreat, with Andrey Maksimenko: 12-23 September 2020
  • Ashtanga yoga retreat, with Marie Saumon: 30 May 2020 – 6 June 2020
  • Iyengar yoga retreat, with Magdalena Adamiak: 29 September – 6 October 2019
  • Russian-language yoga retreat, with Andrey Maksimenko: 11-21 September 2019
  • Iyengar yoga retreat, with Magdalena Adamiak : 30 September – 7 October 2018
  • Russian-language yoga retreat, with Andrey Maksimenko: 9-19 September 2018
  • Detox yoga retreat with Maria Papadopoulou: 13-15 October 2017
  • Iyengar yoga retreat with Magdalena Adamiak : 27 September – 4 October 2017
  • Russian-language yoga retreat, with Andrey Maksimenko: 16-26 September 2017
  • Yoga for all, with Charis Papanikolaou: 30 April 2017
  • Russian-language yoga retreat, with Andrey Maksimenko: 14-24 September 2016
  • Iyengar Yoga & Thai Massage Retreat, with Nektar Kap and Agni Verde, 25-27 March 2016
  • Detox & Release Yoga Retreat, with Maria Papadopoulou: 4-6 October 2013
  • Russian-language yoga retreat, with Andrey Maksimenko: 14-28 September 2013
  • Hatha Yoga Workshops: 8 June, with Gaia Laskou: 22 June, 29 June
  • Mum & Baby Yoga Retreat, with Maja Zilih: 25-27 May 2012
  • Prenatal Yoga Retreat, with Maja Zilih: 25-27 May 2012
  • Spring Yoga Retreat, with Maja Zilih:  14-16 May 2010

Are you a yoga teacher?

Contact us directly for your personalised Yoga Group Offer




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