Daphne’s Club Cosy Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant

Our Cosy Vegan Vegetarian restaurant is the first exclusively vegan vegetarian restaurant in the region of Corinthia! We are open for non-hotel-guests also, with prior reservation.

Every day we offer a “Daily Special“, which is usually a traditional Greek dish with a vegan/vegetarian twist. For example, try our vegan/vegetarian Moussaka! You will find a list of the week’s Daily Specials on our instagram and facebook pages. Here you can see an example of a week’s Daily Specials.

We also offer à-la-carte Lunch, which include light dishes like salads and soups; staple dishes such as pasta with fresh tomato or vegan bolognese sauce; as well as holiday favorites, such as vegan burgers and falafels! Click here for our à-la-carte lunch menu.

Last, but not least, we have a special Kids menu for our mini guests!

For our hotel guests we also offer the possibility to book on a Half-Board basis. Read more below.


Although all of our apartments feature fully-equipped kitchens, we understand that you might not really want to cook during your holidays. So, we also offer  delicious homemade lunches (“à-la carte” or Half-Board), as well as room service and packed lunches for your excursions.

A-la-Carte Lunch key points:

  • A-la-carte Lunch is available June to September from 1pm to 3pm daily except Tuesday
  • The “Daily Special” option of our A-la-carte Lunch must be ordered a day in advance. Click here for an example of Daily Specials.
  • Click here for our Lunch menu.

Half-Board Lunch supplement key points:

  • Our HB option is offered from June to September.
  • Lunch time: 1-3pm
  • HB cost: 30,00 euro per person / 15,00 euro for children under 11 yo / 6,00 euro for children under 4yo accompanying parents who are having HB.
  • Lunch boxes can be prepared upon request.
  • Click here for our Half-Board menu.
  • The Lunch part of the HB option includes: a main course & a side salad or soup. For the main course choose between our Daily Special (Click here for an example of Daily Specials) or one of the following à la carte options:
    • Main Course
      • Homemade pizza
      • Homemade veggie burger
      • Falafel with pita
      • Greek Buddha Bowl
      • Fresh tomato sauce pasta
      • Vegan bolognese pasta
    • Side salad or Soup
      • Greek salad
      • Dakos salad
      • Fresh tomato soup

vegan greek salad at daphne's club


Let’s get social

Follow our restaurant on Facebook, Instagram and review us on Tripadvisor or Google.

Our Wines

Daphne’s Club is situated in the region of Corinthia, which has been producing and exporting wine since antiquity. Nemea, the biggest vineyard in the Balkans, with its own local grape variety “Agiorgitiko” and its more than 45 wineries, is located here too. Our wine list, created with the support of the Corinthian Wine Club “Evoin Evan”, includes excellent quality PDO Nemea wines, as well as other Greek and foreign varieties cultivated in Corinthia by award-winning wine-makers.

Click here for our Wine menu.

vegan falafel papargyriou wine


γαστρονομία στο Daphne's Club

μεσημεριανά γεύματα στο Daphne's Club

μεσημεριανά γεύματα στο Daphne's Club

μεσημεριανά γεύματα στο Daphne's Club

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