Ski safari in the area’s ski resorts

Ski safari in the area's ski resorts

Ski safari in the area’s ski resorts

March 26th, 2009

One of the things one comes to appreciate when traveling in Greece is the extent of variety in the landscape. What one may not however realise unless he or she is an outdoors’ person is the extent of different activities that one can pursue almost simultaneously, thanks to this big variety of landscape in such a small country.

What better way for me to illustrate this point than by telling you that last weekend (so, take note, that is the end of March!) I swam in the morning on our beach and then proceeded to go skiing, less than 60 minutes away, on beautiful powdery fresh snow!

Ski safari in the area's ski resorts Ski safari in the area's ski resorts Ski safari in the area's ski resorts

Let me explain: there are two ski resorts in our immediate vicinity. One is the so-called Sports Centre of Ziria, just after the Trikala villages. It is not more than 40 km from the hotel. It has one baby piste and one half red/ half blue piste. This particular mountain is also said to be extremely good for ski-trekking and off-piste. Unfortunately I have not tried this yet, but plan to do so at the first opportunity, so keep watch of this webpage! The second is the Kalavryta ski resort, one of the biggest in Greece, which is 80 km away (you can combine this ski resort with a visit to the historical monasteries of Agia Lavra and Mega Spileo). It so happened that we had a sudden spell of low temperatures in Greece, which resulted in very good fresh snow. Coupled with excellent weather right after, the scene was set for a great skiing experience! Before or after a great swimming experience!!! So, enjoy the pictures! It is not Austria, it is the south of Greece, at the doorstep almost of Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments!

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