Family Hiking in Mogostos

mogostos forest

Family Hiking in Mogostos

October 2016

I love the mountains, but not particularly the forests, but for my partner Nick they are vital. Just like I need a daily jump in the sea, he needs a weekly walk in a forest! So, currently our family program includes regular mountain hiking outings. No matter that we also have a newborn now. He joins us too!

Our first hike was in the forest of Mogostos, a 40-minute drive from Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments. We first tried it out in October 2015 with our German guests Jutta, Olaf & Family (first picture below).

mogostos forest

Then, in early October 2016 Nick joined a big group of Greek hiking clubs on their virgin hike along a new trail in the forest of Mogostos. He found this new trail beautiful and easy enough to be tried with the whole family. And so we did!

The new trail is well signed (the new signs are also very pretty!) and cyclical. The whole itinerary is 10,2km. You can see the trail here.

What we loved most about this trail:

  • It’s cyclical, which means that you do not need to go back and forth the same way
  • It’s easy, which means that you can take children with you
  • The forest itself is beautiful
  • The views of the sea (Gulf of Corinth) to the North and the mountains (mount Kyllini) to the South are stunning
  • It is quickly accessible from our departure point, Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments

mogostos forestCave formations  are among the highlights of this forest too. As regards views, in addition to the Gulf of Corinth and Mount Kyllini, you also have the plain of Velina, where tomatoes are grown in the summer. The drive back and forth to the departure point should be mentioned also. There are a number of routes to choose from and they all offer nice views of the sea and mountain. Combine with a visit to a local taverna once your appetite has been whetted from the hike!

mogostos forestmogostos forest
mogostos forest mogostos forest mogostos forest

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