Information about your apartment

Useful information about your apartment

  1. No-smoking policy: Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces in our hotel, including the apartments.
  1. Pet policy: Small pets are allowed in our hotel, but certain rules apply. Please read them here carefully before booking.
  1. Wheelchair access: Most of our hotel apartments are wheelchair accessible.
  1. Check-in and Check-out of your apartment
  • Check-in: 2pm
  • Check-out: 12pm
  1. WiFi: All of our apartments have free WiFi access.
  2. Tap water is not drinkable during the summer months.
  3. Electricity: The electricity in your apartment turns on with the insertion of a special card in the apartment’s electricity wall slot.
  1. Air-conditioning: The air-conditioning in your apartment turns off automatically when you open the door or a window.
  1. Hot water: Hot water is provided to your apartment via central boilers, which make use of both solar and conventional power.
  1. Cleaning:
  2. Towels are changed: twice per week
  3. Sheets and pillow cases are changed: twice per week
  4. Rubbish bin bags inside the apartment are changed: twice per week
  5. Apartments are cleaned: twice per week
  1. Your apartments is equipped with:
  • bed linen, duvets and blankets for the winter, summer blankets for the summer, two kinds of pillows for all master beds (down and natural caoutchouk)
  • face and body bathroom towels
  • iron and ironing board
  • clothes’ hangers
  • bowl for hand washing
  • drying loft
  • broom, dust pan, mop, bucket
  • air-conditioning (cooling/heating)
  • mosquito nets on balcony doors
  • phone
  1. Your bathroom is equipped with:
  • toilet paper
  • shampoo/shower gel
  • soap
  • electric heater for the winter
  • hair dryer
  1. Your kitchen is equipped with:
  • fridge
  • electric plates
  • electric oven
  • water boiler
  • kitchenware (pots and pans)
  • spaghetti strainer
  • cutlery and serving utensils
  • wine and beer opener
  • orange/lemon squeezer
  • crockery (dishes, bowls, glasses, cups)
  • detergent, sponge and wettex
  • tea and instant coffee bags
  • individual white sugar sachets
  • individual milk portions
  • salt and pepper

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