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Long stay offer for digital nomads and remote professionals


digital nomads remote work

In a nutshell

Situated on the southern shore of the Gulf of Corinth, just steps aways from the picturesque beach of the village of Sykia, Daphne’s Club offers fully-equipped apartments for digital nomads and remote professionals from October to May. Common spaces include a living room with a fireplace, a well-stocked library and musical instruments, a roof garden with breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding mountains and a small garden. Free equipment and toys include bicycles, a SUP, outdoor table tennis, Nordic walking sticks and beach rackets. Access from the airport of Athens is quick and easy. Vegetarian/vegan meals can be cooked for you and included in our final offer. Yoga, hiking, bungee jumping and sightseeing can be easily organised from here.

What we offer

  • Comfortable apartments with fully-equipped kitchen and private veranda
  • WiFi, office & meeting facilities
  • Bicycles, table tennis, giant chess, library, SUP
  • Proximity to the beach, the forest (and even to a ski resort for winter months)
  • Excellent vegan/vegetarian food upon request
  • Activities & excursions upon request

Balance work & play

  • Before you start your day, go for a jog in the pine forest.
  • During your breaks, go for a quick swim.
  • At the end of the day, stroll along the seaside promenade of Sykia.

Enjoy working life as if it were a holiday!

An activity for everyone

Be it hiking, bungee jumping, climbing, swimming or ski touring, there’s something for everyone who loves to be active.

Heaps of history

You will be staying near the most important Ancient Greek archaeological sites. Put your life into perspective by visiting them during your free time.

Single, family or small group

Traveling alone or traveling with your business group or family, at Daphne’s Club you will be warmly welcomed as part of the family. This is our home too and we want you to become part of it.

What is the difference between Daphne’s Club and any number of hotels offering office facilities?

The difference between Daphne’s Club and other hotels offering office facilities is that here we believe in positively combining work and fun! We want this to be your “WorkAholiday“! 

So we are not a holiday hotel which also offers office facilities. Nor are we a city hotel which also offers fun activities. 

At Daphne’s Club we aim to help you combine work time and relaxation time in a balanced and holistic way, in order to reach the ultimate goal of well-being, the “good life” as it was called by the Ancient Greeks. 

digital nomads remote work

So… take your work to the beach, take a WorkAholiday!

WorkAholiday packages

  • WorkAholiday packages can be reserved by freelancers traveling independently; by individual employees or small groups of employees traveling on WorkAholiday employee gift vouchers* provided by their company; or by remote professionals with their families, in seek of space for quality time with their children.
  • Applicability of WorkAholiday  packages: 1st October – May
  • WorkAholiday prices, minimum stay 30 days:
    • Studio (max 3 persons): 40 euro/day
    • 2room apartment (max 4 persons): 60 euro/day
    • 2room suite (max 4 persons): 70 euro/day
    • 3room apartment (max 5 persons): 80 euro/day
  • Deposit payment and Cancellation policy
    • One month prepayment (deposit).
    • Free cancellation up to 10 days before arrival.
    • 50% if the deposit will be withheld if cancelled after that or in case of no-show.
  • Discounts
    • Single occupancy -15%
    • Long stay: 3+ months -10%
    • Contact us for your family offers and specific requests.
  • What’s included in the price
    • Accommodation in one of our cosy apartments
    • Full use of all Daphne’s Club facilities and equipment
    • All taxes except the local occupancy tax (15 euro per month)
    • Cleaning and changing of linen once weekly.
  • Possible extras
    • Meals, such as breakfast and lunch
    • Activities, such as hiking and climbing
    • Excursions to archaeological sites, monasteries and places of natural beauty
    • Therapies, such as yoga, massage and reflexology

Why choose Daphne’s Club as your remote home?

  • We are located just steps from the beach
  • You can cycle, walk or jog to the nearest town
  • Our apartments are cosy and comfortable
  • Our common areas with fireplace, library and games will make you feel at home
  • The surrounding nature is beautiful
  • Access to and from Athens is very quick and easy
  • There is great sightseeing all around
  • Not to sound presumptuous, but we, your hosts, are super-friendly!
  • Our offer is excellent value
  • The area is quiet and reasonably safe
  • Good internet speed 
  • You will find excellent local food in the local market
  • There are good eating-out options
  • Cafes, bars and restaurants all offer free Wi-Fi, so you can move your day’s office anywhere in town.
  • We offer small business meeting and basic office equipment 

Why choose Greece to work remotely?

  1. Greece is close-by, in Europe
  2. You need no visa to travel and work here if you are an EU national. From most other countries getting a tourist visa for up to 3 months is relatively straightforward.
  3. The weather is great for most of the year, including winter. 
  4. The temperature of the sea water does not fall below 20 degrees before December. Read more about swimming and water temperatures here.
  5. Greece is for the most part an affordable country
  6. The internet is good
  7. It is a reasonably safe country
  8. If you are working remotely with other countries, Greece has a convenient time zone (UTC+2). It is just 5 hours behind Beijing time, while at the same time only 7 hours ahead of EST and an hour or two ahead or behind the rest of Europe.
  9. You can easily work from cafes and restaurants. They all have free Wi-Fi.
  10. There are so many amazing places to explore and discover!


*The WorkAholiday employee gift voucher

We conceived the WorkAholiday employee gift voucher because we firmly believe that in order to be creative and productive, we need to be relaxed and happy; we need to be strong and healthy, with a peaceful mind and soul. We believe that, less is indeed more!

How does it work?

WorkAholiday is more than just teleworking from a holiday resort and of course it is not part of your annual paid leave, i.e. of your holiday! It should be considered, both by your employer and by you as part of your normal working time.  

Why a WorkAholiday employee gift voucher?
What’s in it for me? What’s in it for my employer?

WorkAholiday is a way of combining work and fun/relaxation.

You gain because you can be with your family, comfortably dressed, enjoying a more natural environment than usual, having a change of scenery. You will be working, but you can choose your breaks, as often as you need them, and during those breaks you can go for a swim, play tennis, have lunch with your kids and enjoy life.

Your employer gains because being happier and more relaxed means that you will also be more creative and productive. Your employer can also offer a WorkAholiday employee gift voucher as a bonus scheme for employees, or use it when a team needs to brainstorm on a project. 

Who pays for a WorkAholiday employee gift voucher?

Α WorkAholiday employee gift voucher, like any gift voucher, is  paid by the person offering it, in this case by your employer. Ask them to Contact us directly!


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