A soul-resting excursion

A soul-resting excursion

A soul-resting excursion

May 9th, 2009

In our contemporary luxury-hungry society much ado is made of the rejuvenating power of pampering oneself with westernised oriental therapies, shopping therapies and exotic trips. Much less is said however of the amazingly rejuvenating power of a simple one-hour stroll in nature (a forest, a beach, a lake, a park), a stress-releasing game of table-tennis, or a short swim in the sea.

Work being quite intensive usually at Daphne’s Club, I indulge from time to time in my favorite body, mind and soul therapy: an excursion to the mountain. According to the time of year I will take with me my skis, my hiking boots, my Nordic walking sticks, my swimming suit or simply my camera.

A soul-resting excursion A soul-resting excursion A soul-resting excursion

I find the Greek mountain an utterly inspiring and completely soul-refreshing experience (not to mention the excellent exercise climbing the slopes like a goat!). I have spoken elsewhere already of the Greek mountain scents: a combination of fresh herbs and pure air that dizzies the senses and renders one speechless with simple pleasure.

Today I set off for Gelini, a village 30 km from Daphne’s Club, which was described to me in the most vivid colors. The description included a small river and waterfalls. It was enough to set me on the trail!

I followed the road towards Trikala, a classic destination by now and one well-known to many visitors. At Rethi I turned left and followed a road I had never followed before, leading West of Trikala. The sight that met my eyes was astonishing; this area will simply not cease to amaze me! A sloping carpet of greens and mauves, reds and yellows, vines, olive trees and cypresses… a Greek Tuscany! And in the background a dramatic mountain, towering its forbidding rock body over a gorge of gargling waters and happy trees. I parked the car and spent a couple of hours climbing uphill, following the small river through the gorge, marveling at the beauty of the small waterfalls and the relaxing sound that water makes as it travels over the rocks.

Once more I could not bring myself to believe this small miracle happening right under my nose. A mere 30 minutes drive from the beach and the hotel is this old and quiet world of rocks and water, plants and insects, gargling and buzzing away, waiting for us mortals to bring our tired souls and bodies to them to refresh at a glance!

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