Скалолазание является очень популярным занятием в Греции, с рельефами для скалолазания во многих частях страны, таких как Калимнос, на Крите и Леонидион. Несколько лет назад в Коринфе были открыты новые рельефы для скалолазания! Конечно же это рельеф во Фригани, который находится в 45 минутах от нашего отеля Daphne’s Club у подножия горы Киллини рядом с мифическим озером Стимфалия. Во Фригани есть два рельефа для скалолазания: основной с 40 маршрутами (которые были спонсированы предпринимателями и обычными гражданами в рамках специальной программы финансирования) и небольшой под названием Милос, расположенный в нескольких метрах дальше, с 10-ю более сложными маршрутами.

 Подробнее об этих маршрутах читайте здесь.

daphne's club rock climbing

daphne's club rock climbingdaphne's club rock climbingdaphne's club rock climbing

Sector Frygani

climb frygani

Lat/Long: 37.931712, 22.533892 | Exposure: East | Shade ≅ From 15:30 | Grades: 5a+ to 7b+ | Routes: 38 | Lengths: 16 to 40 meters | Walking: 3 minutes|
Gear: 60m rope (80m for the extensions); 12 QDs (routes up to 20m), 16 QDs (up to 30m), 22 QDs (up to 40m).
Kids: With almost zero walking and smooth areas under the rocks, Frygani is one of the most suitable for children and families.
Access: From Daphne’s Club, follow the National Road to Corinth. Take the exit to Kiato and continue for 23 km towards Stymphalia. After passing the junction for the villages of Klimenti and Kaisari, you will see the field to the right of the road. Park on the side road to the right and follow the small path for 3 minutes.
GPS directions: From Daphne’s Club here (25km, 45 minutes)

Sector Mylos

climb mylos

Mylos is located almost opposite Frygani (2.5 km away, 5 minutes drive) over an old renovated watermill and has opposite orientation, ie shade in the morning. Only 10 routes have been opened yet, but the field is quite extensive and there are possibilities for too many more. Plans are to open here several more routes of all levels, so even on warm days it will be possible to climb in the morning. Limestone is similar to Frygani, with fewer crocks.

Lat/Long: 37.914493, 22.530868 | Exposure: West | Shade ≅ until 13:30 | Grades: 5a to 7b+ |  Routes: 10 | Lengths: 20 to 25 meters |Walking: 3-8 minutes
Kids: Mylos is not ideal for children. The path is small but relatively steep and exposed.
Access: From Daphne’s Club,follow the National Road to Corinth.Take the exit to Kiato and continue towards Stymphalia. Then turn left and at the first junction to the watermill. The Mylos sector is just in front of you. Park next to the watermill, walk on the uphill dirt road and path for 3 minutes. To go to the left (gray plate) continue walking at the roots of the rock up and left for another 5 minutes.
GPS directions: From Daphne’s Club (27km, 45 minutes)

climb frygani

Climb Frygani is a project developed by Experience Corinthia.

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