Mount Ziria skiing and snow walking

Mount Ziria skiing and snow walking

Mount Ziria skiing and snow walking

February 2017

2017 was undoubtedly a winter for snow lovers! And even here in Sykia we had the opportunity to enjoy the snow in numerous way.

First and foremost by driving up to Mount Ziria and skiing in the miniature ski resort there. For the very adept skiers it must sound funny to ski on just one slope, but the ski centre of Ziria is excellent for teaching young children to ski. Roughly one third of the slope is an easy blue-green piste with a rope baby-lift. The remaining two thirds are a steep red piste with a normal lift. So what I did with my 6year old daughter was this: after teaching her how to go up with the rope lift, I showed her how to use the normal lift and how to drop it midway. So we went up together, she in the front dropping the lift and I further up. Then I would ski down the red piste, tremendously enjoying myself, to join her and ski together down the blue-green piste.

Another way in which we enjoyed the winter mountain was walking in the snow. There is a very nice snow path starting at the chalet of the ski centre and reaching the frozen over small Lake Dasios (The “Brown Lake”). This path is serene and beautiful, except for the occasional passing of a group of snow mobiles… I believe that it could also be done by way of Nordic skis, but I will have to wait for next year to try it out!









Fact sheet

The ski centre of Mount Ziria can be reached from Daphne’s Club in 45 minutes. On warm winter days my favourite thing is to jump in the sea in the morning (yes!) and then to head to the mountain for a couple of hours of intense skiing on that one single red piste! I have yet to find someone to join me in this however 🙂


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