Lake Dasios, the “brown lake”

Lake Dasios, the “brown lake”

Lake Dasios, the “brown lake”

On a sunny winter day we set off to hike on the plateau of mount Ziria, around the small Dasios lake. As you will see from the pictures it was an extremely clear day and the views of the peak were absolutely stunning! The lake is situated at an altitude of 1600m and is surrounded by fir trees (see the exact location here). Sometimes the lake freezes, but when we went the waters were just… muddy and brown, which is why we decided to call it the “brown lake”.

We spent a couple of happy hours exploring around the lake, where and we noticed that there is even a sign-posted hiking path. After exercising thus and breathing in the fresh mountain air, we headed for lunch to the village of Karya! This hike can also be combined with lunch or dinner in the villages of lower, middle and upper Trikala.

lake dasios






Lake Dasios

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