Greek cooking workshop

Join us for a truly hands-on cooking workshop!

Greek Cooking Workshops at Daphne's Club


During our workshop you will create a complete 4-course traditional Greek meal. As your cook and local expert, I will explain to you the use and origin of each ingredient. We will discuss every recipe and you will have concrete hands-on experience of each step of the procedure. When we finish, we will sit down to own homemade sumptuous traditional Greek meal. After the end of the workshop, we will send you pictures and the recipes of the dishes we cooked together!

What is included

3 -hour Greek cooking workshop

4-course traditional Greek meal

Recipe booklet

What is not included

Drinks and Beverages

Sample menu


Fried spinach pies


Stuffed vegetables

Sweet grape preserve

Price: 60,00 euro per person (minimum 2 persons)

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Greek Cooking Workshops at Daphne's Club

Greek Cooking Workshops at Daphne's Club

Greek Cooking Workshops at Daphne's Club


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