Road Biking

Did you know that the area around Daphne’s Club Hotel Apartments, the region of Corinthia, is an ideal road biking destination?

Road biking


  1. It has high altitudes which can be reached quickly
  2. The views are stunning
  3. The landscapes are breathtaking and varied
  4. The riding season is long
  5. It’s really easy to get here from the airport of Athens and there are direct flights from almost eveywhere to Athens!

And it’s not just we who say so! Check out what the Dutch road biking specialist Don Muschter (Wereld voor Fietsers magazine) said about his road biking trip to Corinthia here.

Road bikingRoad biking

This is why, in cooperation with the activity company Earth & Water we propose stays exclusively for road biking or combination stays which include road biking excursions.

One of our most popular road biking package is the “Family Cycling Holidays in the Peloponnese” full package: we realised that cycling may be for you a group activity for friends. But this is our idea: why not combine a cycling holiday with your friends AND a family holiday with your better half and your children? Thus we came up with a Family Cycling package which will allow you all to enjoy a holiday exactly as you like it: cycling for one party, sightseeing and relaxation for the other party.

Road biking

Our offer includes:

  • 5 nights’ accommodation with Greek breakfast and gourmet dinner
  • 2 accompanied road bicycle tours with experienced guide (bring your own bike or rent one here)
  • Free bicycles to enjoy in the adjacent forest
  • 1 excursion to a famous archeological site
  • 1 massage session per adult

Download attachments

Road biking in Corinthia by Don Muschter (541 Downloads)

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